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Hello Student Driver. The segment two class

is for three consecutive days. It will give you a giant step closer to obtaining your drivers license.  Head over to BOOK ONLINE Tab and register and you will get a response. Please be advised that seating is limited.

Cost for Class


The cost for this class is $80 cash at classroom location. If paying online , an additional $3 service charge will be added.Don't forget to bring your level one license of which you should have had for at least 90 days, your driving log, and a parent to sign you in. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Special Note: You must bring a driving log showing 28 hrs of day driving and 2 hrs of night driving with you to class.) (Segment One certificates will not be accepted) Thank you!​



All Ccasses are held at 16000 W Nine Mile Rd. Suite 212A


Segment One

Hello student driver.

Segment One is for students under 18. So let's take this amazing journey to obtaining a drivers license. Segment One consist of 24 hrs of classroom training 2 hrs a day Mon-Fri for 12 days) plus 6 driving assignments.  Missed classes must be made up before a certificate can be issued. We have certified instructors teaching in class and behind the wheel. Upon successfully  completing the Segment One Program, the student will be issued a Segment One Certificate of Completion.  The certificate will enable you to apply for a Level One License from the Michigan Secretary of State. The Level One License will allow you to continue safe driving with a parent/guardian. We're looking forward to seeing soon on the road. 

Please Note: The fall and winter rate is $376.50  if you are using credit/debit cards. $350 if  paying cash in the office . But  customers who book online will have first preference to seats available. Cancellations will be subject to an $88.50 service charge. 

Segment One Refund Policy

Segment One refunds that are requested the day before or the day of class, will be honored via a voucher to be used within a year of a scheduled class.  Online cancelations  that are requested 10 or more days before the start of class can be defunded minus the $13.50 service fee.


Do you have additional questions? Need an information form? Get in touch to learn more.

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