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Appletree Driving School is professionally run, dating back to it's founding in 2001. Yes, that is over 20+ years in business! We are a well-known and reputable driving school due to many years of servicing high school students from Southfield, Oak Park, and surrounding areas. At Appletree Driving School, we pride ourselves in creating safe, confident drivers through comprehensive, in-classroom and behind-the-wheel, portions of training. We ensure the following:

  • Students learn how to operate a motor vehicle.

  • Students understand and follow traffic laws and road rules. 

  • Students learn how to share the road with other motorists and pedestrians. 

  • Students learn how to interpret warning signs.  

  • Students learn safe, defensive driving skills.

We follow a strict Driver's Education Curriculum provided by the state of Michigan that helps to aid in a well-equipped driver. However, after a level 1 license is obtained, it is part of the parent's, or legal guardian's, responsibility to further behind-the-wheel training. 


Since our founding, we have assisted countless student drivers acquire foundational driving skills. We know being an inexperienced driver can be intimidating, but we aim to exchange any self-doubt with skill, safety, and confidence in your ability to be a prepared driver.  Appletree Driving School is your stop before the open road. 

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